CPS Institutionalised Corruption

Dorset & Wessex CPS Institutionalised Corruption & Misconduct

This video exposes the Institutionalised Corruption of the Dorset and Wessex CPS. In a court case that cost the rate payers / tax payers over £10,000 with three court appearances, with police, CPS Prosecutor Elizabeth Valera and Duty Solicitors. Dorset Police were trying to fit up Mr & Mrs Gill on a trumped up charge of harassment relating to a Garden Gnome and a fictitious character called Charlie Chin in relation to an ongoing neighbours dispute.

The case against Mrs Gill was thrown out or dropped despite the efforts of the CPS Prosecutor Elizabeth Valera, when the case against Mrs Gill did not even meet the CPS threshold to bring the action. This was reluctantly agreed by Steve Hoolohan, Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor for Wessex. However Elizabeth Valera lied to the magistrates in court in relation to Mrs Gill, despite the fact that Mrs Gill had had her case thrown out and Mr Gill had pleaded guilty to a summonary offence of using abusive words in some sort of plea bargain. He was advised by his lawyers to plead guilty to that offence that he had not committed or been investigated for. The misconduct and common law criminal offence of [perjury by the dorset police prosecutor, Elizabeth Valera was reported to Tim Cole, the Senior District Crown Prosecutor. He like everybody else connected to Dorset Police and so called Justice System think that it is institutionalised to protect and coverup for subordinates and others wrongdoing.

As a result of Tim Cole’s failure to deal with Valera’s gross misconduct in court, Mr Gill reported both Tim Cole and Elizabeth Valera’s misconduct in public office to Steve Hoolohan, the Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor for Wessex. Hoolohan is no different from the hooligans that appear in court as they seem to have the same standards of integrity. Hooligan Hoolohan covered up the institutionalised misconduct of his subordinates by simply saying that he doesn’t agree with it, and that there is no evidence of Elizabeth Valera lying to the magistrates. This is despite the fact that there were at least three material witnesses in court, including Mr Gill’s Solicitor and the Court Record.

The Dorset and Wessex Rate Payers / Tax Payers are paying 6 figure salaries to people like Steve Hoolohan, in exchange for an extremely low standard of integrity and being part of the CPS Institutionalised Corruption & Misconduct by his failure to stop it.



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Since the authorities have spent hundreds and thousands of tax payers money on criminal justice boards, where these people are patting themselves on the back, congratulating each other, whilst eating and drinking with their snouts in the rate payers trough, therefore we now have the wooden top award for plod of the week, month & year.

This website video channel is a detailed record of these parasites all with their snouts in the tax payers trough. they are all protected and on the gravy train at the tax payers expense.

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