Dorset Police Brutality, Narrated Version

Dorset Police Brutality, Narrated Version

Ministry of Justice TV

January 2, 2017

All the Facts

A local Weymouth Man inadvertently pressed a wrong stored number on his phone by mistake to, his ex wife.

He never actually spoke to her as he hung up when he realized what he had done.

She informed the Dorset Police who with Fire Arm officers smashed down his front door and took him handcuffed to Weymouth police station . If you look carefully as they enter the custody suit you will see two officers with side arms. He is then taken into a small room, off camera and pushed around until he falls over ,while handcuffed and suffers concussion.

For some strange reason an ambulance was not called for instead he was dragged unconscious to a cell and striped naked whilst appearing to be extensively studied by police officers for a very long period of time .The film timeline has been edited down for upload reasons but a full documentary is coming very, very soon.

The Present Chief Constable was not incumbent at this time so blame does not lay with her but does this still happen?

We hear all sorts of allegations but this one is backed up by CCTV footage that is time and date stamped.

Whilst the present regime claim that this happened on the previous chief constables watch, they are fully aware that the same officers serving at the time in the complaints & discipline department are still heading that department and covering up the criminal offences committed by these officers.

Please watch the video below.



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