Elderly, vulnerable and disabled Woman made homeless by Alistair Pitbaldo

Michelle Goldberg and Alistair Pitbaldo – The Official Solicitor

Elderly, vulnerable and disabled Woman made homeless by Alistair Pitbaldo – The Official Solicitor to the Senior Court November 2012.

I am a disabled Jewish lady. I previous lived in a Sheltered Housing Scheme in North London, for elderly, vulnerable & disabled people.

I am registered disabled with a long term medical condition of ME / CFS. I have been subjected to a litany of negligence and abuse and had services restricted and removed by the Housing Management staff of the Sheltered Scheme. Their solicitors Devonshire’s at Finsbury Square obtained an illegal eviction warrant.

District Judge, Susan Cooper in the first instance, took away any rights to represent myself or instruct a solicitor as she deemed that ‘I lacked capacity’ despite there being no medical report or any other evidence to substantiate this claim. She justified her actions with determinations that were completely contrary to what is stated in the Mental Capacity Act and then, ‘invited’ Alistair Pitbaldo, the Official Solicitor to the Senior Courts to act on my behalf. He then appointed Paul Ridge at Bindmans solicitors to act on his behalf, but they were all acting on behalf of the court and themselves.

I made 9 valid, legal and lawful submissions to the court, which were all ignored. I have written to her Majesty the Queen and received a response, whereby she sent the letter with attached documentary and photographic evidence to the Justice Minister with regards to myself, others and of the appalling living conditions of another of the elderly residents.

Claiming to be acting ‘in my best interests’ Alistair Pitbaldo Official Solicitor went to court and in a closed door meeting, without my knowledge or consent agreed to a ‘possession order’ of 42 days. I finally managed to secure a hearing on 3rd October 2012 to request a stay and extension on the possession order, with a view to dismissing it altogether. At the hearing District Judge Stary said I had no logus standi ie anything I did or said had no legal standing!

I quoted the correct section under the Protection from Harassment Act and the Protection from Eviction Act and as a direct threat of violence had now also been made against me by the Housing Director. Again this was ignored. Then on 26th October 2012 I received a Notice of Eviction for Thursday 1st November 2012. It was an impossible situation as I had no support services, no funds and no alternative accommodation. 

This practice of targeting vulnerable and disabled people and taking all their assets is huge. Alistair Pitbaldo the Official Solicitor takes control of of the case, enabling him to acquire the victims assets. They empty people’s bank accounts, possess their homes, leaving them homeless and penniless and on the street. I understand they have done this to many thousands of families and just don’t care! Surely someone can stop this and something can be done!

Please can you help?

…Michelle: Goldberg…



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