Masonic Police Fit up in Wolverhampton

We have been contacted by Jason Barnett of Wolverhampton, who was fitted up by his local police force, along with the connivance of the CPS to frame him on assault charges that were later thrown out with a not guilty verdict from the local magistrates.

Obviously these magistrates didn’t like the frame up or wanted to avoid dragging freemasonry into a court case – hence the not guilty verdict.

The only thing jason Barnett had done was criticising freemasonry in a conversation in one of his local shops, where a woman customer took issue with him over what he was saying. A week later her was arrested and framed with an assault charge.

Jason is concerned that Freemasonry within the police played a major part in the Police and CPS misconduct in framing him. Furthermore he sends us a report that is very disturbing about senior police officers founding a new lodge in defiance of government policy in regard to freemasonry.

Telegraph News Report – Click Here

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