Rough Justice for Susan

Rough Justice for Susan – British Legal System violates the Human Rights Convention Again.

Susan and her husband were arrested on very serious drug offences, Susan was bailed but her husband was charged with two counts of conspiracy to import cocaine from Colombia he was remanded as a Category A prisoner. By December the allegations against Susan were dropped. Unfortunately, Susan’s husband was still in prison, a man with only one minor incident on his record when he was 17 years old, some 37 years previously that resulted in a £25 fine.

Time, and time again Susan’s Husband was told by his legal team there was absolutely no evidence against him, on two occasions Susan was even told by the legal team “get the champagne out it’s nearly all over”. Why was it then that every time they went to court for one hearing or another the judge allowed the prosecution 6 months to further their inquiries. They thought they were supposed to have a case against you before you were arrested, and the CPS not given time to fabricate a case.

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