Tony Burden Bullying, Maltreatment, Malicious Charges & Prosecution

Inspector Tony Burden shows us how Dorset Police Bully, Maltreat, bring Malicious Charges and Prosecute a Disabled Woman.

Please see the video below.

This film that is made in the public interest and protected under international law article 10, relates to Inspector Tony Burden of Dorset Police and his alleged criminal actions that resulted in the torture, false imprisonment, malicious charging and prosecution of a disabled woman in connection with the resulting effect of the execution of an unlawfully issued search warrant from Weymouth Magistrates court by Chair of the Dorset Bench PD Homer.

It is not known if the Magistrate in question was deceived in to issuing the search warrant by Dorset Police ,or indeed if she was complicit ,together with a Mr Halford ,Weymouth Magistrate’s Court legal advisor.

What is certain is that Inspector Tony Burden should be looking at a lengthy prison sentence together with certain other inspectors and Sergeants, who will be named and shamed with their postal addresses at a later stage, for carrying out the maliscious proscecution that was defeated and thrown out of court. Even the Dorset CPS confirmed in writing that the fit-up of this disabled woman did not meet the threshold test for proscecution.

There is also an allegation in the pipeline that Weymouth Magistrates Court have been merely rubber stamping Dorset Police search warrants with no court application hearings being held. For A very long time, Mr Halford and Chief Constable Debbie Simpson may have been abusing their authority.

Debbie Simpson at 9:20 am on the 22nd of May 2015? Who was in charge of the unlawful search and police trespass ?
Maybe they were trying to score a few Brownie/ing points.



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